Colleen and Josh’s Engagement at Kitty Hawk Pier

There are so many ways to make one of our super short 20 minute engagement sessions pop. Colleen wore an adorable cocktail dress that was a perfect contrast to the “beach” theme – they brought sunglasses, which added extra color and fun to the shoot…..we are gogo for gaga over our brides and grooms that love to have some color and fun on these short shoots.  It’s makes the groom ubber happy and so excited to know that … yes …  we are going to have fun getting our photographs taken on our wedding day – this is a GREAT experience, a pleasant surprise to what they might have expected. Honestly, these two are so in love and sooooo cute together, you could not take a bad photo of them! – Julie

This adorable couple was photographed at Kitty Hawk Pier in Kitty Hawk NC by Julie Dreelin


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