Thank you Julie Dreelins Beach Productions

Thank you Julie Dreelins Beach Productions

Dear Julie,

I just had to write to tell you how much I’m loving the photos you took over Colleen and Josh’s wedding weekend. You are so gifted. I really appreciate the way you took time to know who was who and capture such special moments with everyone.

Colleen’s photos are gorgeous — could she have looked more beautiful or more radiant the whole time? I don’t think so — and you caught her spirit beautifully in photo again and again.

The posed group shots are better than any I’ve seen before. Your “just relax” worked so well every time!

The photo you took just as my little granddaughter, Caroline, caught sight of the birds overhead is priceless.

I am having so much fun going through these photos again and again.

Thank you for your wonderful photographic artistry!

Noel Katz (Josh’s father’s wife)


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