Tonya and Keiths Wedding Day

“We have looked at the pics and just love them!  You did such a wonderful job but knew you would after looking at your work on your website!  We know you have a very talented team and are very busy but were hoping we would have you as our photographer for our special day!  Your creativity in thinking to take some of the pictures you took were amazing!  All of the pictures of me with my father, me with my mother, with my sister and nephew, and of course, my new hubby; down to the picture of my perfume bottles on the nightstand.  I would’ve never thought to request that picture; however, I just love it because the fancy bottle of perfume on the right was given to me by my mother-in-law so she will be tickled pink to see that!
We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to have such a professional and talented photography team create such special memories of our special day!  Every picture tells it’s own little story and literally every single picture makes me smile and giggle as I can just imagine what was being said during that particular moment.  As the bride, I missed a lot being “behind the scenes” and the last to come out but now I truly feel like I didn’t miss anything!  I always knew I’d have a beautiful wedding but never, ever dreamed I would have the wedding of my dreams.  There’s a big difference!  I will never forget my wedding day and it is truly because you were a special part of it.  Hope to work with you again one day and thank you so much for everything!” – Tonya and Keith


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