Learn to Love Your Camera

Happy Monday, friends!

I’ve been so lucky to capture beach portraits for new and returning families for years (18 to be exact!), so in celebration I wanted to add a spin to my “standard” sessions. For months I have been dreaming up a new way to interact with my clients and Outer Banks vacationers on another level, and today I cannot wait to share exciting news from Beach Productions!


Starting this Spring, I will begin teaching beach portrait sessions! We know vacationers coming to the Outer Banks seek fun, different activities and I believe this just the solution. In one hour you’ll learn to love your camera, and capture perfect, luminous beach portraits. By teaching you how to use your camera, the best approach for lighting, and 101 basic techniques you’ll walk away feeling confident to shoot your own beach portraits. This is something that no one else offers on the beach, and we hope you are just as over-the-moon for this new venture as we are!


Here’s the skinny on pricing…while we have two packages for you to choose from, both will leave you feeling like a professional photographer.

  • Package One: $400
    • Includes: One hour lesson on learning to use your camera (please bring your manual!), lighting and 101 basic techniques.
  • Package Two: $1000
    • Includes: One hour lesson on learning to use your camera (please bring your manual!), lighting, and 101 basic techniques. I will also capture your beach portrait (posed of family or documentary) for 15-20 minutes, and you will receive a CD of the photos I shoot.

To learn get more information on our latest offering and to reserve a session to learn to love your camera, contact us via email: info@beach-productions.com.



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