Cheyenne + Brad

Brad, a clean cut military man, meets Cheyenne, a Rock-n-Roll bartender. These two gorgeous people had a last minute wedding after they found out they had a bun in the oven. They exchanged their vows on the golf course of the Currituck Club and outside reception at the clubhouse. Cheyenne used nature for most of her decor, and minimalist DIY for the rest, which met their personalities in-sync. Once again, the Outer Banks sunset gave it’s blessing, giving them all they wanted and more as they strode in style into their sunset reception.

​After a signature drink Fuzzy Navel toast, they shared some serious dancing with their friends and family to the likes of Ozzy Ozborne and Guns and Roses. The party got to epic levels so much that there were some wardrobe malfunctions and all. They killed it on the dance floor!

The start to Cheyenne and Brad’s new journey together will also include a little one. Life is starting for them fast pace, just the way these two like it. Fast and furious.

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