Ariell + Patrick

Beautician Ariel and woodworking master Patrick had a little surprise before their wedding. They found out they were pregnant! So they had to postpone their wedding by a bit, but are so glad they did because they ended up having it at the most perfect setting. A wedding site with the most gorgeous lighting and grounds nestled deep in the woods outside of Raleigh, NC called Morris Peaceland Farm.

Weddings with tons of family are close to my heart because they have a level of support and comfort about them that only family can give. There was so much closeness, positivity, dancing, laughs, living in the moment and fun that it was hard for my cameras (although I always carry three of them) could handle to keep up with the excitement!

This was a dream wedding. These two knew exactly what to do for the perfect shot. They surrendered in the moment and were really present with each other, yet also me, that was photographing their soul kisses and hotty glances. It was not a surprise that half way through the most amazing photo shoot ever they mentioned that they were models on the side. Really you two, can you be more perfect ?!?

Loves and kisses and plans of future get togethers with these two. I’m so grateful that I was able to be a part of their dream wedding.


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